Need eye treatment? Think Hospitalsconsultants!

Do you need surgery or another procedure performed on your eye? If you’ve had to wait for longer than seems reasonable for treatment on the NHS, then maybe you should check out the Hospitalsconsultants website by clicking on the logo below.

Hospitalsconsultants offers a service connecting patients with hospitals


This is an online service set up by an expert in the assessment of healthcare quality, Dr Jean-Pascal Del Bano. He has chosen just over 40 different hospitals, offering a wide range of medical procedures (hip replacement, carpal tunnel surgery, knee surgery, varicose veins treatment), on the basis of the quality of care they deliver. Some of the best-rated hospitals in England, such as the highly-regarded Sunderland Eye Infirmary feature on the site. This north-eastern establishment treats glaucoma and many other common eye conditions, including cataracts. If you’re interested in having cataract surgery performed, just click here to find out more. Hospitalsconsultants is a completely neutral website, as it receives no commission from the referrals it makes. Patients pay a set fee for each contact that is set up with a hospital, afterwards the hospital will be able to quote them an all-in surgery package, including accommodation and meals, if required.

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