FormForAll – the universal form builder worth finding out about!

Online enquiry forms are a staple component of a large proportion of websites these days. It seems strange, then, that effective form creators are so tough to track down.
Well, for webforms worth the wait, why not take a trip down to the FormForAll site.
FormForAll has been designed with user-friendliness in mind – both for the person setting it up and for those actually using the forms it produces. The most obvious example of this is its drag and drop interface – a real bonus if speed is of the essence.
Another real bonus is the social login feature. Given the number of people who have Facebook or Google accounts, this is sure to be extremely popular. There are lots of special publishing options too. Want to add a Captcha? No problem. Is security an important issue for you? Have your form submitted with an SSL browser encryption.
See for more details on all these options.
There’s no doubt that until you’ve seen what the different models of forms look like, it’s difficult to come to any firm conclusions.That’s why the short selection of forms available on the website is so useful.

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