For flexibility read flip book!

Flexibility is an absolute must-have in today’s technologically agile world. This means you’ll be looking for cross-media compatibility. So, Webpublication’s flipbook ipad compatibility, not to mention iphone, Android and Mac compatibility will be just what you’re after! In other words, you’ll be able to take your online magazine, embed it on your website, put it on a USB stick or a DVD, email it and access it on PC, Mac or smartphone!

If you were interested in creating an interactive pdf, software does exist that will let you take your original pdf brochure and convert it into an online showcase you’ll be proud to call your own. The interactive element comes from the rich media content that is part and parcel of this solution. For example, you can wow your customers with crystal clear HD images, fun flash animations, informative video presentations and hypertext links, background sound and more! Your content couldn’t be easier to edit – in fact, with the right app, you can even make changes to content from your iPhone. Other useful little features include the password-protected option and Google Analytics compatibility, enabling you to gather valuable data on how your readers actually interact with your digital content.

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