Taillardat luxury furniture – a world where craftsmanship still reigns supreme!

The taillardat.fr internet site is something like a window onto a world that many of us thought lost for ever. It’s a wonderful showcase for French artistry and skill, applied to making articles of furniture that are little short of works of art. If you’re interested in finding out more… Continue reading

¿Está buscando una idea de regalo fuera de lo común? Visite la web es.sextoymio.com

Cada año le hace una pequeña sorpresa a su mujer para las Navidades y este año, como se encuentra de humor picarón, le apetece regalarle un sextoy. Para tener muchísimo dónde elegir, visite la web sextoymio. Tendrá acceso a todas las últimas novedades y sin duda encontrará el producto que… Continue reading

The Viaskin® patch by DBV-Technologies – simplicity and sophistication combined in the fight against allergies

Huge amounts of money and effort has been invested into trying to find answers to a problem that affects millions around the globe – food allergies. These allergies span a whole range of foodstuffs, including various types of fish and seafood, peanuts and cows’ milk. Now, the cutting-edge solutions on… Continue reading

Has DBV-Technologies found a solution to the modern-day scourge of food allergies?

Food allergies are something of a 21st century hazard, having become much more prevalent in recent years. The wide variety of foods involved (egg, cod, shrimp, scallops, peanuts, cow’s milk, crab, lobster) lends added urgency to finding a solution to this issue. Click here, and you’ll see what one French… Continue reading

FormForAll – the universal form builder worth finding out about!

Online enquiry forms are a staple component of a large proportion of websites these days. It seems strange, then, that effective form creators are so tough to track down. Well, for webforms worth the wait, why not take a trip down to the FormForAll site. FormForAll has been designed with… Continue reading

Retour en force de Manchester United ?

Parier sur la Premier League est un défi de taille. Un peu comme la dureté de ce championnat où l’intensité est de mise chaque journée avec des affiches et des derbys à foison, mettre de l’argent sur la Premier League relève d’un challenge mais des outils ont été créés. Pour… Continue reading

Snooker – one sport that everyone can enjoy!

Few games have such a following as snooker, possibly because it’s suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. If it’s a sport that you’ve been thinking about getting into, you’ll want at the very least to buy yourself a quality cue. The Riley website has plenty of these in… Continue reading

The flipbook fights back!

There was a time when some wondered whether the flipbook was going to go the way of the dodo, elbowed aside by more advanced technologies. This hasn’t really happened, thanks to the flipbook’s inherent strength as a communication and marketing tool and its ability to reinvent itself. A look on… Continue reading

Get ready for your dream holiday to the Pacific with the Pension Bounty!

Quality rangiroa accommodation is only a click away, bringing your dream holiday in the Pacific one step closer to reality. The Pension Bounty (pension-bounty.com) is one excellent example of the warm welcome and home comforts that you can expect as standard from the hotels and guesthouses in this part of… Continue reading

Why not join the filtered water revolution with allmyfilters.com?

People have long espoused the benefits of drinking filtered water. It’s healthier, as it can remove harmful substances from the water; it tastes better, as it helps get rid of that ‘chlorinated’ flavour that characterizes a lot of our drinking water and it’s far more eco-friendly than purchasing bottled water,… Continue reading