Get ready for your dream holiday to the Pacific with the Pension Bounty!

Quality rangiroa accommodation is only a click away, bringing your dream holiday in the Pacific one step closer to reality. The Pension Bounty ( is one excellent example of the warm welcome and home comforts that you can expect as standard from the hotels and guesthouses in this part of the world. Although the pace of life here is such that you may feel like you’re on a different planet, this doesn’t mean that you have to forego all the benefits of modern technology – so there’s no need to worry about whether you’ll have Wi-Fi access, many hotels in fact offer this free of charge.

Whilst some come to this corner of the globe for peace and quiet, others are interested in more sporting activities. Rangiroa diving spots are some of the best on the planet – there’s a multitude of exciting sea creatures including sharks and manta rays, and the beautifully warm, turquoise-blue waters just beckon you to take the plunge!

Rangiroa atoll is part of the Tuamotu islands, being one of the largest such atolls in the world. Its lush tropical vegetation includes beautiful flowering plants like the Frangipani and the Tiaré and it also boasts a rich selection of bird-life.

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