Snooker – one sport that everyone can enjoy!

Few games have such a following as snooker, possibly because it’s suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. If it’s a sport that you’ve been thinking about getting into, you’ll want at the very least to buy yourself a quality cue. The Riley website has plenty of these in stock, made from quality North American Ash. Some of their cues also feature the innovative Kamui black laminated tip. A selection of their tables may be found here and as you’ll see, there are models to suit all pockets (no pun intended) and preferences. American pool, Russian pyramid and even snooker dining tables line up beside more traditional offerings in the shape of 8 foot through to 12 foot snooker tables. Craftsmanship is obviously key in producing a table that lives up to the expectations of the world’s best players, as was the case with the Aristocrat Tournament Champion model, which was used for many years in the world championships.  Sourcing quality materials comes a close second, with the standard of the slate used in each table being of particular importance. It’s also important to think about where you might store your table if you bought one – perhaps a dual-purpose snooker dining table could solve that problem!

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