The Viaskin® patch by DBV-Technologies – simplicity and sophistication combined in the fight against allergies

Huge amounts of money and effort has been invested into trying to find answers to a problem that affects millions around the globe – food allergies. These allergies span a whole range of foodstuffs, including various types of fish and seafood, peanuts and cows’ milk. Now, the cutting-edge solutions on the DBV-Technologies website offer real hope to allergy sufferers. For example, this page will give you the inside track on DBV-Technologies’ peanut allergy patch.

Applying the Viaskin® patch

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The Viaskin® patch illustrated in the photograph below is a simple solution based on very sophisticated technology. It can be used to treat or diagnose different allergies, including peanut, house dust mite and cows’ milk protein. Although it looks like an ordinary adhesive patch, it actually contains a thin layer of protein (antigens), which thanks to a moisturizing ‘condensation chamber’, can pass from patch to skin and from there to the Langerhans cells. These cells, amongst all those present in the human body, are those that are most effective at producing immunological tolerance, making the Viaskin® patch an ideal ‘densensitization’ method.

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