The Viaskin® patch by DBV-Technologies – simplicity and sophistication combined in the fight against allergies

Huge amounts of money and effort has been invested into trying to find answers to a problem that affects millions around the globe – food allergies. These allergies span a whole range of foodstuffs, including various types of fish and seafood, peanuts and cows’ milk. Now, the cutting-edge solutions on… Continue reading

Has DBV-Technologies found a solution to the modern-day scourge of food allergies?

Food allergies are something of a 21st century hazard, having become much more prevalent in recent years. The wide variety of foods involved (egg, cod, shrimp, scallops, peanuts, cow’s milk, crab, lobster) lends added urgency to finding a solution to this issue. Click here, and you’ll see what one French… Continue reading